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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The waiting game


After going to my ultrasound and getting ready to get out of town I waited (mostly impatiently) for a call or note from my doctor about when and what kind of meds we were going to start. I emailed a couple times to remind him and became one of those really annoying patients that won't shut up. Oh well, I was excited and in a rush to get my meds. I mentioned numerous times that I would be leaving town and would like to have the meds in hand by the time I got on the plane... no such luck. They finally got back to me the day after we got to Vegas. 5 emails and 2 phone calls later they were figuring out how to get the prescription to a pharmacy out there for me to pick up. I told them which one I wanted (quite literally right outside the hotel), when I got there to pick it up they told me it was sent to the other one on the other end of the strip... Fantastic... I got them to move it over but that caused another hour or so delay. Lots of work for 10 freaking pills.

Got the meds, took them all as directed and followed up with an ultrasound and OB appointment last Friday 2/6. Got some good news that even I could read when they were doing the ultrasound. The meds WORKED! That has never actually happened before. They actually matured one follicle to the point of release and released it on it's own! My doc was at another clinic so I had to follow up with an OB I'd never met before. That seems to be the theme of this round.

She said to keep on the course and we will see what happens.

It's been barely over a week since that appointment and it's killing me. This is the waiting part I hate. My mind plays tricks on me and tries to convince me that I am having encouraging symptoms. I'm not supposed to test for another 4-6 days. That hasn't stopped me though - I can't take the waiting even though there isn't much chance of things coming back the way I want them too. At least not at this point.

I will continue to drive myself nuts and try to wait it out. I will try...

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